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Mattias Sandelving started flying in 1994 and has since owned and flown a variety of different small aircraft. Following a career as a software developer in the automotive industry, he started the family business together with his wife Natalia in 2007. The business now employs eighteen staff, some of whom have been with Sandelving since its beginnings. We are currently recruiting for key and specialised personnel in line with our vision and aspirations. 2020 promises to be a very exciting prospect for us…

Aircraft owners and builders, MRO’s and flight training schools across Europe, the Middle East and Africa quickly recognized the Sandelving business as an efficient and reliable supplier of Aircraft parts, a “one stop shop” if you will, negating the need to go direct to stateside suppliers. Sandelving Aerospace stocks several thousand products available for immediate delivery. Non-stocking parts are retrieved from over 60 manufacturing partners, whilst also specializing in the supply of oversized, as well as hazardous materials at affordable freight rates throughout the EMEA. All parts will be available for ordering online through our web shop at

Since 2007 we have established ourselves as a major supplier of aircraft parts for general aviation, experimental aviation and aircraft enthusiasts alike. Our growth is a result of the loyalty of our customers who are predominantly based within eastern and southern Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Africa. Interestingly, Africa is fast becoming a key factor in our growth and thus the focus of our marketing and sales initiatives. We will continue to be a valuable supplier of quality products at attractive prices, and value-added customer service, for the years to come.

We have recently purchased an extra 3000sq metres of adjoining land for a planned, brand new facility to house a 1500sq metre extension of the warehouse, a café and reception area, a pilot shop and plans for a conferencing and training suite housed within the second storey.

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Sandelving Aerospace GmbH
Airport Bremgarten (EDTG)
Münstertäler Str. 22,
79427 Eschbach, Germany

Tel: +49 7634 905 77 00


Our People

Mattias Sandelving

+49 7634 905 77 00

Natalia Sandelving

+49 7634 905 77 31

Asif Abbas
Global Operations Director

+49 7634 905 77 42

Thomas Werners
Logistic Manager

+49 7634 905 77 62

Keno Knaack
Quality Manager

+49 7634 905 77 36

Annette Hagios-Wittmer
Accounting Supervisor

+49 7634 905 77 41

Michaela Weiss
Purchasing Manager

+49 7634 905 77 34

Yana Goette
Account Manager

+49 7634 905 77 00

Julian Linder
Account Executive

+49 7634 905 77 37

Sanoy George
Account Executive

+49 7634 905 77 43

Irene Pilia
Account Executive

+49 7634 905 77 44

Martine Krauss
Account Executive

+49 7634 905 77 46

Osato Osifo
Junior Account Executive

+49 7634 905 77 48

Matthias Heuser
Junior Account Executive

+49 7634 905 77 47